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10th KAO (2010)

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  • 13.04.23
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The 10th KAO
1. The 1st Round (document based)
Registration Dates : Apr. 19(Mon)~May 7 (Fri), 2010 (online as well as postmark date)
Host : Korean Astronomical Society
Sponsors : Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute,
                  Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity,
                  Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Categories & Participant Eligibility
(up to 25% of the total number of students of each science high school can participate while up to 3% of total number of students of each middle school or each general high school can participate)

  • Middle School  : students enrolled in the 3rd grade of middle schools in Korea
  • High School : students enrolled in the 1st or 2nd grade of senior high schools in Korea

                  - General High school  : including the autonomous private high schools

                 - Science High school : including the high schools for science-gifted education

Documents to be submitted (online or by mail):
       - an application form with academic records section as well as activity records section,
       - a self-introduction essay,
       - an official school record including the transcript of the previous year,
       - a school teacher`s recommendation letter with the school principal`s official seal 
Format : Participants fill out the online application forms at the website, print out the completed essay and send it along with required (school records and recommendation letter) or supporting documents by post.
Results : 182 students (53 middle school students,  51 general high school students and 78 science high school students)are selected in aggregate with no individual awards given.
2. The 2nd Round (oral-interview based)
Date/Time : Sep. 11(Sat), 2010 / 08:00~12:10, 12:30~17:00
Location : Seoul National University, Bldg. no. 43-1 (Multimedia Building)
Participant Eligibility : Among those selected from the 1st round, ones who have submitted homework assignment at least once qualify for the 2nd round.
Format : Contestants are given 4~5 multi-step questions for which they have 30 minutes to solve under proctored conditions and 10 minutes to explain the answers to two judges. (calculators are permitted) Judges make evaluations on the reasoning ability, problem-solving skills and creative potential of students.
Results : 74 students are selected for all categories combined. These students are trained via homework assignments as well as a winter training camp where they have lectures, labs and night sky observing sessions, while staying together in a dorm for about 12 days.
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