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19th KAO (2019)

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  • 19.06.20
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The 19th KAO
1. The 1st Round (document based)
Registration Dates : Apr. 8(Mon)~May. 13(Mon), 2019 (by postmark date)
Host : Korean Astronomical Society
Sponsors : Ministry of Science and ICT,  
                  Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity,
                  Korea Lottery Commission,
                  Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Categories & Participant Eligibility   
   [1] School Category
  • Middle School : students enrolled in the 2nd and 3rd grade of middle schools in Korea,

                                 and who were born before Dec. 31, 2005

  • High School : students enrolled in the 1st or 2nd grade of senior high schools in Korea

                      - General High school : including the autonomous private high schools

                     - Science High school : including the high schools for science-gifted students

 [2] Personal Background Category

         Regular Application :  students who are not elligible for the Special Application.

         Special Application :  students whose personal background belong to the groups that need  

                          improvement in social integration such as

                          low-income or welfare families, rural area residents engaged in agriculture and      

                         fishery, persons with disabilities, North Korean refugees and multi-ethnic families,

                         etc. who have an interest in and aptitude for astronomy. 

                          (* supporting documents needed)
          Gender bias improvement application  :      
             The majority gender at the 1st round application can not take up more than 75% in the
             1st selection list. However, the exception is allowed if the total number of the minority
             gender does not exceed 25% of the 1st round selection list.
Documents to be submitted :
     - Application (by online as well as postal submission. The latter should include the  
       recommendation and signature of the applicant`s school teacher)
     - Official school record including the transcript of the previous year (by mail only)
     - Permission to collect and use the personal information of the applicant
       (by mail only with the signature of a legal guardian for those under the age of 14, whereas
        by online for those aged 14 or over)
Procedure :  Complete the online application form and then send school records as well as other required and supporting documents by mail
Results (announced online on June 3, 2019): 219 students (67 from middle schools,  79 from general high schools and 73 from science high schools) are selected in aggregate with no individual awards.

2. The 2nd Round (based on homework assignments, oral-interview and scientific inquiry ability test)
Date/Time (oral interview & scientific inquiry ability test) 
      : Aug. 24(Sat), 2019 / 08:00~12:10, 12:30~18:00
Location : Seoul National University, Bldg. no. 43-1 (Multimedia Building)
Applicant Eligibility for the second round 
The applicant
    - was selected in the 1st round.
    - has participated in the online video lectures given on the website of the Korea Astronomy Olympiad
    - has completed at least one of homework assignments given over the period of Jul. 12 through Aug. 12.

Format of the oral interview :
   - Contestants are given three multi-step questions for which they have 30 minutes to solve under proctored conditions and 10 minutes to explain the answers to two judges. 
     (The use of engineering calculators is permitted)
   - Judges make evaluations on the reasoning ability, problem-solving skills and creative potential
    of the contestant.

Format of the scientific inquiry ability test
   - Contestants should solve one multi-step question based on real or simulated observational data sets for 30 minutes and submit their solutions including at least one graph. (The graph papers are provided) 
   - The student`s papers are assessed on analytical skills for the given observational data and abilities to express the results in functional relation as well as in graphical form.
Results (announced on Sep. 10, 2019): 88 students (33 from middle schools, 27 from general high schools and 28 from science high schools) are selected without any awards given individually.

 The students selected at the 2nd round will be trained via a weekend observational class to be held in the Songam Space Center in October 5-6, and November 9-10, 2019 and homework assignments in October through December, 2019 as well as a winter training camp in January, 2020 where they have lectures, labs and night sky observing sessions, while staying together in a dorm for about 8 days.

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